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Lingam Et Yoni Video De Massage

The Sanskrit word lingam is a spiritual term that refers to the male genitals and is seen as a symbol of fertility. The lingam is revered in Tantra and is considered an important organ of energy and power. Tantra massage is a complete system that tackles the entire body and not surprisingly the genitals. This integral approach makes this therapy unique and revolutionary and can produce extraordinary effects.

Lingam Et Yoni Video De Massage

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The sexual energy, also called Ojas Shakti in Sanskrit, is the most powerful energy in the human body. Every individual is born with a sufficient amount of it. However, men lose this sexual energy with ejaculation. Through a lingam massage you learn to use this energy in yourself for spiritual and personal growth.

During the massage, this energy is generated and you learn together with the therapist to not let the sexual energy flow away through ejaculation, but to bring it or sublimate it to higher chakras. Once this energy passes your heart chakra, it is converted into powerful life energy that helps you feel more vital, show more creativity, stimulate the self-healing system, and so on. That is why we never allow ejaculation in a lingam massage because this means loss of that life energy. In a tantra massage it is just the intention to feel healthier and more energetic, not more tired!

If sufficient energy flow is possible during the tantra massage, the therapist can decide together with the client to proceed to the lingam massage. This massage aims to release the blockages in the lower chakras. We notice that the genital zones are very cramped in both men and women and blockages can be very intense. During the lingam massage, pressure points around and on the genitals are treated to release these blockages. These acts are not erotic in nature and not a means of masturbation. With intense blockages, some actions can even provoke pain. Communication between the therapist and the client is very important in this.

The sexual energy released during the lingam massage is directed to the higher chakras to transform into life energy. However, during the first treatment it is possible that there is still insufficient energy flow, so that this sexual energy remains trapped and provokes even more cramping. The therapist may therefore decide not to proceed to a lingam massage in the first place at that time.

A lingam massage is only performed if there is sufficient energy flow. Therefore, it is possible that this will not be done during an initial treatment. It is ultimately the therapist who decides if the lingam massage can take place and only with the explicit permission of the client.

While clitoral stimulation is great foreplay for sexual intercourse, a body massage or tantric breast massage is a great warm-up for the yoni massage. The goal here is to get relaxed and slowly build arousal.

As you might have already guessed, lingam references the male penis in this context. As men and women are physiologically and energetically very different, the massages and their effects are quite different from each other. However the effects of a Lingam Massage can be very profound as well. 076b4e4f54


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