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JJRC H37 Elfie: The Ultimate Guide to Setting Up and Flying Your WiFi FPV Quadcopter

For those who don't know the toy, the JJRC H37 Elfie is a cheap wifi-controlled FPV quadcopter ( =jjrc+h37+elfie). The toy comes with an app for Android and iOS. The way you normally start playing with the quadcopter is the following: you connect the battery to the quadcopter, press the On button in the quadcopter, connect to the wifi network of the quadcopter from your phone (it is called "JJRC-something") and open JJRC's app. Once the app is on, you get to see what the camera of the quadcopter is seeing and then you can enable the on-screen controls, turn on the propellers and start flying the quadcopter. If you want to see this for yourself you may check one of the 1,000 reviews available in Youtube ( _query=jjrc+elfie).

Or if your WiFi adapter doesn't support monitoring, you can just use PCAPdroid on your Android phone while running the jjrc app. Doesn't even need root. Send the pcap file to your computer and analyze with Wireshark or some other tool.

jjrc h37 elfie app download

If you want to make fun of people that use lame selfie sticks, grab an Elfie. If you are looking for a small starter drone for under $40, grab an Elfie. You may also find the Elfie marketed as the Eachine E50 or E50S. It is the same drone but it is sometimes found in different colors.


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